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What is your organizing style?

Do you ever wish you could be more organized?  Have you tried various methods to become organized and felt unsuccessful because you couldn’t maintain it?  Not all organizing systems are right for everyone!  Let’s discover your personal organizing style!



You like minimal visual clutter with a very detailed organizing system and are able to maintain it once it’s in place.


You like using labeled file folders that are micro-organized by month or vendor in a filing cabinet.

You put your tools in a tool chest, one tool type in each drawer.

You want your crafting items organized in a cabinet, with one item type per container behind closed doors.

You might put off organizing until you can do it properly.

Visual and Detailed

Retro kitchen

You like to see your belongings and want them organized in a very structured and pleasing way, often striving for perfection.


You like sorting your craft items on shelves with like items, all thread together, all scissors together, all ribbons together and may even prefer to have them color coordinated.

You like having your clothes or tools out where you can see them easily.

You like the idea of having an open pantry in your kitchen where you can see everything.

You are highly organized and want your frequently used items out where you can reach them easily.

You may put off organizing if you cannot do it properly.

Simply Visual


You want to be able to see your belongings but you also want simple, macro-organizing solutions.


You like using clear containers to put your things away so you can easily locate them.

You prefer shelves over cabinets.

You want your belongings easy to find and easy to put away.

You find clutter distracting!

Simple and Uncluttered

Spacious living room

You want minimal visual clutter but a simple and easy to use organizing system.  You are unlikely to use a complicated organizing system.  You want something that helps you do things quickly.


You are likely to keep your home looking clean and tidy, but are prone to shoving things in drawers and cabinets.  You want organizing solutions that keep your belongings out of sight but easy to access and help keep your home looking beautiful.

You like your flat surfaces cleared of clutter, preferring to have your kitchen counters empty of all items.

You like ottomans that have hidden storage, cabinets with drawers and hidden shelves where you can quickly and easily toss your belongings.

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