Goals, motivation, organization.

Get easy tips and tricks to help you organize all aspects of your life, set and achieve your goals, and find the stress-reduction you’ve been seeking, within the framework of real life.

I have studied every book, blog and video I could get my hands on for years, trying to manage it all.  As a single mom, juggling work, school, mom-duties, I never seemed to have enough time to do everything.  Even though my daughter is now grown, I find my life hasn’t settled down very much.  Owning my own business while working for another company, dealing with medical issues and the other crazy things life throws at me while finally having a relationship, I decided it was time to figure this thing out before I completely lost my mind!

I’m sharing my experience with you, the tips I’ve learned along the way, the mistakes I’ve made, and the very real struggles that I’ve overcome in the hope that you will find it helpful and be able to take these tools and apply them to your own life.

My goal for my life is simple…stress-reduction.  How can I do it all, and do it peacefully?  Because I’m not the type of person that will settle for less than I want.

I hope you will take this journey with me.  If you have any questions, topics you’d like me to address, or even some advice on how you can address an organization issue, don’t be afraid to email me!

Looking forward to taking this journey with you,